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Where do you find your strength?

Someone close to me recently wrote a wonderful blog article about finding your strength

It got me to thinking  about how I find strength during difficult times. I encourage each of you to think about how you get through difficult times and brainstorm additional coping skills that will give you even more strength.


One of the most important things that gives me incredible strength during difficult times is to remind myself that my higher self specifically chose for me to go through this. What do I mean by that? I view Earth as being a school. We are here to learn lessons. Oftentimes the most growth takes place during the very worst of times. Prior to reincarnating we (higher self, spirit guides, elders) discussed what goals I am here to learn and the experiences – good, bad, and ugly – that I will encounter. It’s the same whether your difficult time was having a parent pass away or if you accidentally spill coffee on your shirt. When you are experiencing difficult periods step back and make a list of why your higher self chose this experience for you. What lessons are you learning? Figure out a way to put a positive spin on a difficult experience. With enough practice you will begin to express gratitude for being given the opportunity to learn.


Secondly, keep in mind that the Universe does not, ever, identify things as being good or bad. I am serious when I say that. Labeling experiences is done entirely by humans. We are the ones that have decided what is good and what is bad. The good news is that we obviously have the ability to label things. Why not use it to our advantage? Why are you choosing to experience something as being bad? Doesn’t that bring a lot of negative feelings with it? Try not to label anything has being bad. Flip it around and figure out how to express your gratitude.


Lastly, stay in the present. Stop re-living the past and fearing the future. Stay in the present and focus on all things wonderful. Life really, truly can be spectacular, it’s us, as humans, that make the experience so much harder than it needs to be.


- A word from our sposor -

Where do you find your strength?