Hi I'm Katey and I am the writer and owner of PsychicManual . When I was 12 years old I had my first spiritual experience and since then I can say it has been a big part of my life. Now I am 34, have a very nice boyfriend and consider my dog to be my child! haha! My mission - Be the best version of yourself and help others to experience this too!

Do you have questions about a specific area in your life? Wondering about a new relationship or whether to stay in your current one? Are you drowning in debt and needing some insight and guidance?

Oranum offers specialized sessions including Career Compass, Romance Reality Check, Family of your Dreams, Financial Success, Spiritually Happy and Physically Healthy, Your Soul’s Journey, Abundant Spiritual Communication, Forever in our Hearts, and Spinning out of Control. See below for descriptions of some of our new session offerings.

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Career Compass session. Are you happy with your current career field? Do you want to make a change but need some clarity and guidance? Do you have a burning desire to quit your stable job and do something totally different? The Career Compass session can look at where you are currently, what your future looks like, and what some of your current choices and options are.

Romance Reality Check. Are you in a brand new relationship and want to see what spirit has to share with you about it? Are you thinking about ending a long-term relationship but are feeling confused and unsure? Are you single and wanting some guidance as to what your next romantic relationship will look like?

Family of Your Dreams session. Is your family experiencing turmoil? Are you worried about a particular child? Does daily family life feel chaotic? The Family of Your Dreams session will help you to understand what is going on, why it’s going on, and how to heal and create the family of your dreams.

Financial Success session. Are you drowning in debt? Do you make a lot of money but can’t figure out why you are constantly broke? Do you just want some clarity so that you can better understand what your financial situation looks like? Are you on the right track and looking for confirmation of that? Are you seeking some insight as to what your financial future looks like?

Spiritually Happy and Physically Healthy. Are you just needing a quick confirmation that you have no physical health problems needing to be addressed? Do you have a specific concern that requires guidance? Are you unsure of your next step – 2nd opinion, a particular test, a course of treatment, a change in Doctors, etc?

Your Soul’s Journey session. Do you find yourself wondering if you are on the right path in life? Are you confused about the purpose of a particularly difficult event in your life? Are you just seeking some input from your soul and your guides regarding where you are now and where you are headed?

Abundant Spiritual Communication session. Do you want to just sit back, put your feet up, and hear what your Guides have to say? This session focuses on communicating with spirits, guides, angels, and other deceased loved ones. Do you feel like they have something important to share with you? If so, then this is the session you need.

Forever in Our Hearts session. Do you have a loved one that has passed over? A family member? A close friend? Do you have a specific question for them or do you just want to hear their message and know in your heart that they are with you? We don’t have control over who comes through and who doesn’t but we can certainly send a request for a particular person to join the session with us.

Spinning Out of Control session. Do you feel as though you have no control over your life? Do you find yourself stressed? Depressed? Angry? Are you confused as to what you should be doing? Are you needing guidance so that you can make the best decisions for your higher good? Are you at your limit and just needing someone to shine the light and guide you along your path?

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