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How to automatic write

I have always been into reading and writing has always been an interest of mine.

It seems only natural that I would be inclined to do automatic writing.

I remember the first time I attempted automatic writing. What a disaster! I was under the impression that you needed to be in a deep meditative state, that you couldn’t be thinking, and that you had to let Spirit control the pen. First of all I wasn’t able to get into a deep meditative state, second of all my brain wouldn’t shut off, and thirdly I kept obsessing over whether or not I was controlling the pen. What I ended up with was a bunch of squiggly lines and some oddball name that my ego self wrote down because I was so focused on having my spirit guide write down their name. It was crazy!

Now I am much wiser and automatic writing comes naturally. My first experience gave me a quick education on the myths of automatic writing. You do not need to be in a deep meditative state, you don’t need to completely stop thinking, and you certainly don’t need Spirit to control the pen.

I have done automatic writing both with pen and paper as well as on the computer. Personally I find using the keyboard easier. I am able to type really fast so it helps with being able to keep up with the speed of my thoughts. I also find that I am able to get into more of a meditative state when I’m typing versus when I’m writing with pen and paper.

One of my first mistakes was being so rigid in my thinking. You really don’t need to be in a deep meditative state in order to automatic write. It’s more like getting into the zone where you are tapped into that part of psychic communication. It’s kind of as though you are typing your thoughts but the thoughts aren’t originating in your own head but rather from Spirit communication. To get started with automatic writing you may want to just begin with typing out your thoughts and as you continue writing you may notice that your thoughts have blossomed into Spirit communication.

I suggest that you practice automatic writing by typing out questions and then answering them. I would start with questions like “am I on the right path?” or “what advice do you have for me regarding my spiritual development?” What I have found is that my responses to those questions couldn’t have possibly come from me so it has to be coming from Spirit. Last year I was going through the loss of my best friend and I took to automatic writing. My physical self was in tears repeatedly asking ‘Why, Why, Why’. That’s as articulate as I was able to be. My automatic writing was an entirely different story. All of a sudden instead of screaming out Why, Why, Why I was writing the most articulate sentences that both comforted me and gave me insight. That experience really bolstered my faith in automatic writing. I truly knew that I was getting divine inspiration.

I have recently began offering free psychic readings via e-mail. This has been a wonderful opportunity to practice giving readings as well as automatic writing. I get into that same zone with the readings as I do with my personal questions. The information flows. I do get the psychic communication in a variety of ways. Sometimes I hear a phrase other times I see a picture but most often I get thoughts that I then type out on the computer.

I encourage everyone to give automatic writing a try but especially those who have an inclination towards reading and writing. It seems like a natural progression and an easy way to get started with communicating with Spirit.

Have faith and trust in automatic writing. Know that you have the ability to automatic write and recognize with your heart that Spirit can and does communicate through automatic writing. Try not to get caught up in whether it is your imagination or Spirit that is communicating. The more you write and the further along you get the stronger that Spirit will come through. Lastly, cherish your writing and use it as a technique to guide you through life.

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How to automatic write