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Not feeling even a teeny-tiny bit psychic

I have long struggled with not feeling even a teeny-tiny bit psychic. At times I have felt that a concrete wall surrounds me that leaves psychic communication impenetrable. Of course I am quick to realize that thinking such thoughts makes them reality. I continually remind myself that I am indeed psychic and that by practicing I can improve my skills even further. I think that part of my issue is that I am receiving psychic communications without even realizing it. Are you doing the same thing? Here are some personal experiences of when psychic communication did penetrate the concrete wall:

A few days ago I had the most amazing visualization experience. I was sitting in my living room and all of a sudden I was surrounded by (think thousands) tiny little dots of light. They were gold in color and weren’t larger than the head of a pin. They disappeared each time I looked right at them but then would reappear in my periphery. I never saw more than 2-3 at a time and yet I knew that there were thousands surrounding me. The entire experience lasted less than a minute.



A few weeks ago I was playing the card game. For those that don’t know the card game is where you lay a deck of cards face down and then attempt to correctly identify the upcoming card as being red or black. I think my personal best is 42 cards correctly identified. Anyway, when I was playing a few weeks ago I had an amazing opportunity to communicate with one of my spirit guides. I was working with my guide to figure out how we could communicate during the card game. A mental conversation took place between my guide and I. It was quickly decided that a red card would be identified by her (my guide) holding a big heart shape in her hands and waving it excitedly above her head. If it was a black card she would take a square black box and shove it out in front of her as though she were handing it to me. I was able to see this using my psychic eye. For me visualization does not involve my physical eyes but rather it takes place in what feels to be the deep center of my brain. In this instance, to see my spirit guide I would stare off into space and in the deepest part of my brain I would “see” whether she had the heart or the box.



Frequently when I’m watching television I will see a sparkle of light on the staircase or next to the wall. In my previous house I used to see these sparkles of light in my bedroom. I see the sparkle but then when I try to make direct eye contact it disappears. These sparkles seem to come in clusters. I will see several in one day and then not see any for a week or even a month. These sparkles are larger than the first visualization experience that I described above.


Two weeks ago I had an amazing dream that I am positive was some sort of psychic or higher self experience. What made the dream different from an ordinary dream were the emotions I felt and the fact that the dream wasn’t goofy and illogical as dreams typically are. In the dream I had been working with my best friend and all of a sudden she looked up at me, motioned me close, and gave me the most incredible hug. The only way I know how to describe it is to say that I melted. Every negative emotion, thought, and memory just melted away as she embraced me. The feeling is still with me weeks later.

I haven’t recently but I used to do a fair amount of automatic writing. There were times that I would pose questions about particularly difficult experiences that I was going through. I would then write and write and write. Once I finished I would read what I wrote and be amazed at how profound the writing was. It was abundantly clear that my guides and higher self were conveying information to me as there was no way I was coming up with such profound communications myself.

The last experience I will share with you concerns my grandmother who passed over three months ago. A day or so after she passed I was thinking of her and all of a sudden I got this impression of her gliding very fast up a beautiful multicolored tunnel. With my mind’s eye I was able to see how beautiful the tunnel was and feelings of pure joy and freedom were impressed upon me. The feelings of that experience have stuck with me throughout the months.

I can best describe psychic communication as being finicky. At least for me it is. It is so, so, so easy to discount the information received and that just makes communication all the harder. I often say that rather than seeing to believe you must believe to see. You must believe that your deceased loved ones, guides, and angels surround you. You must believe that your guides are communicating with you. Once you believe with all of your heart the communications will begin to flow much more readily. Don’t discount or trivialize the information. Take a leap of faith and Believe.

Best of luck to you all!


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Not feeling even a teeny-tiny bit psychic