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5 Ways to make sure you have a great Psychic Reading

Getting a psychic reading is easy. Make sure you have a great psychic reading is whole different story! Let me explain:

I can remember the first telephone reading I ever had. It was with a very reputable psychic and the reading was an absolute disaster. Wildly inaccurate information came through that meant nothing to me. I was totally bummed out and doubting the entire metaphysical field. The funny thing is, I knew in my heart that I was the one that had screwed up the reading. I had no idea what I’d done wrong, but I knew the blame was mine. I have had around a dozen or so readings and have given about the same number of readings. I now understand the process so much better from both the perspective of the client as well as the psychic medium. Here are five tips to help you get your money’s worth when it comes to a psychic reading.


This is my number one piece of advice. You must have trust in the psychic process. It just isn’t going to work if you go into the reading hell-bent against believing that psychic phenomena is real. I’m not sure what exactly is at work perhaps the Law of Attraction? When you refuse to believe in psychic communication then psychic communication will not happen for you. That was one of the errors that I made with my first reading. I went into the reading having thoughts like “oh yeah, well then prove it.” I’m not saying that you can’t be skeptical – you can – but you can’t be totally closed to the possibility of psychic communication. If you think that psychic communication can’t happen then it won’t. Plain and simple. At the bare minimum enter the psychic reading telling yourself that it’s OK that you don’t understand exactly how psychic communication works. That you are going to be alert to the possibility that the psychic is less than ethical but that you will remain open to the possibility that psychic communication does in fact exist. At the very least leave yourself that opening.


No one knows exactly what is going to come through during a reading. Most people tend to believe that the information that comes through is what you need to hear at the present time. The psychic medium generally can’t pick and choose what information comes through. The ethical psychic medium will relay to you the information that they receive. They are pretty much the middle-man that communicates information from Spirit to you. There may be times when you need to be truly open and be really honest. The information coming from Spirit may be secrets that you weren’t anticipating having revealed. Are you drinking a bit too much at night and Spirit is telling you to cut back? Is Spirit outing you on the cigarettes you keep in the drawer? Have you been quite depressed lately but hiding it from your partner? It can be hard to have a psychic medium confront you with that information. And then suddenly you are telling a stranger things that you haven’t even told your best friend of partner or even barely admitted to yourself! The thing is, you are doing yourself a big disservice if you reject that information. Spirit is being really honest with you and you need to be honest in return. If you have secrets or are doing things that you are ashamed of then make sure you are prepared prior to the psychic reading that those secrets may come out. Spirit is not judging you and your psychic medium should not be judging you either. Accept what Spirit is telling you and listen to their guidance. They only care about guiding and helping you.


A psychic reading takes some preparation on your part. Why did you schedule the reading? Do you want to connect with a loved one who is deceased? Do you want to learn more about your relationship with your boy or girlfriend? Are you worried about your career path or financial stability? Readings are wayy more effective if you set your intention for the reading. If you want a specific person to come through then ask for that before the reading starts. Could you care less about hearing about your career future but are desperate to get guidance about your personal life? Figure out what it is that you want prior to the psychic reading. Be prepared to ask questions during the reading. What a missed opportunity if you have 20 minutes remaining and the medium asks if you have any questions and you have NONE. It’s just not that effective for the medium to sit there guessing about what you should be asking. Be prepared and set the intention for the reading. Doing so allows the psychic reading to go so much smoother.


Is there something you don’t understand? Ask the psychic medium to explain what they said or to provide you with additional information. It is generally pretty easy for the psychic medium to get additional details or to present the communication in a different way that makes more sense to you. It’s very much a wasted opportunity if you don’t understand the message that the psychic medium is trying to share with you. No one’s feelings are hurt (at least they shouldn’t be) if you say that you don’t understand something. Always ask no matter what. Don’t leave a reading understanding only a quarter of what was communicated. You should have an understanding of each and every message that the psychic medium reveals to you.


In the beginning I was under the assumption that you shouldn’t share anything with your psychic medium. They are psychic – they should know! It is only through providing readings myself that I truly understand the importance of sharing details with the psychic medium. That doesn’t mean that you need to share that your Aunt died of breast cancer in Minnesota at the age of 66 and act all thrilled when the psychic medium tells you that your Aunt died of breast cancer in Minnesota at the age of 66. It kind of goes back to trusting the process. Don’t be so skeptical that you are all rigid and refusing to share any information instead saying Prove it. Prove it. Some psychic mediums may be able to work that way but I know that I cannot and I know that I have a thousand times better pyshic reading when I provide some details and some of my feelings regarding a situation. Providing details allows the psychic medium to hone in on exactly what information needs to be communicated. Otherwise they spend the majority of their time telling you information you already knew or being slightly off in their interpretation. One question might be “Am I in the right career?” A more detailed version of the same question would be “Most days I like my job but some days I just feel bored and uninterested. Am I in the right career field? Should I be looking for a different job?” The more detailed version allows me to hone in on exactly what the person wants to know. Otherwise I am wading through a bunch of information with not enough time to share everything I am receiving and being unsure of where I should be focused on. If you can, trust your psychic medium enough to know that the communication is genuine and that you aren’t ruining the process by asking slightly more detailed questions

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5 Ways to make sure you have a great Psychic Reading